Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well another week...

I Hope that the pictures were attached, if not, next week.

[Unfortunately the pictures did not work...maybe it will work next week!]

Well Family and Friends...

     It is another week here in Chile and I can actually send pictures ha. The computers aren´t too slow to work with. I have attached a couple pictures to show you my adventures here. The week of the 13th of April expect pictures of my first baptism! We have one investigator named Hector who is just awesome. He wants to be a member of the Church so bad because everyone is so nice and he has a gigante testimony of the Book of Mormon and he knows that it is true. He is so awesome and I am so glad to know him again.
     Well it is officially the start of winter here.. It is colder and colder every day. Ayer was very very cold and I wasn´t too excited to leave my sleeping bag but soy obediente. The people here are so nice and are so caring. I love being here so much and hope that the next cambio I don´t change. I have my fingers crossed ha. The Branch here is so small but it is growing, slowly but surely. We are doing our best with working with menos activos and the members here with helping them with everything. I never realized how important the job of the ward mission leader is. We don´t have one here and it is a little hectic at times.
     Well to Sean, Happy Sean Patricks day!!! I can´t believe that today you are 17!! You may be one year older and stronger, but I am still stronger and wiser than you are ha. I am so excited for you to start track!! You have no idea how bad I want to be there to see you break the school record and the state record possibly. Do your best and always acknowledge the Lord.
     We got two new Sister Missionaries here and... they are both Greengo´s just like me!! I am now not the only white person here in town ha. I am not the new greengo either. It is good that I am here because the two new Hermanas have a Guatamala trainer just like mine is an Ecuador trainer. Both of our trainers don´t understand English very much and it is great because I can translate for them when they call us and have preguntas. The one is from Idaho and the other is Hna. Gardener from Bountiful Utah. They are both 19 and excited to work.

      The language is honestly so much easier now and I can actually speak with people and understand what people are speaking. I am loving it and all of the people. I have only been here a few weeks but I feel like I have been here for two years ha. I love it and every day it is a little bit more difficult but I am stronger every day and I am giving Satan a spiritual 2x4 to the face. My studies have improved so much and I have learned so much about the Church. Elder Vallejo is the secretary of the Branch and he is training me to be the next. We have special priveligages that other Missionaries don´t have. We can use and use computers to print things whenever we need and have access to the Church main headquarters website for the members. We are very careful with this and are working our hardest.

     I just transfered all of my pictures to my flash drive from my SD card and will send the SD card this tuesday. I will wrap it and make sure it is protected and pay to send it. I have a lot of great photos that you will like and be expecting them soon. Last tuesday I got a letter from Hermana Nielson that was sent on the 18th of February from the MTC and I got it almost a month later. I didn´t realize that it would take that long to get letters here... But I sent letters to many of you and you should be getting them within the month or the beginning of Abril. I still have letters to write but I promise I am going to write back to every one I get.

     Thank you all for you love and support. I know that I can´t fail when I am doing what is right and putting the Lord first. I Know that this Church is true and there is not any man on this earth that can convince me otherwise.

     I love you all so much!! I miss you and look forward to hearing from you.

Elder York

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