Saturday, March 30, 2013

Semana Santa


Well another week here in Chile.‏

     Well Happy Easter!!! Pascua. I hope that you all remember the real reason why we have Easter. We know that Jesus Christ lives.
     Well I have been running around so much this past week and it is very tiring. This week is "Semana Santa" and it is beyond crazy here. Every single store is closed and we can´t do anything because no one is in their houses. They weren´t in their houses before this week and now this week they are non existent ha. But we are working hard and we are still finding people to teach and it is going just great. I honestly love it here and am having the time of my life.
     If you don´t get an email from me on Saturday don´t worry. It is because all of the stores are closed and we couldn´t find a store that was open. But you will get an email on Monday. I am so exhaused.. Ha we are in Lider right now (It is exactly like walmart and has almost everything that the walmarts in the states have). I can basically buy anything here that I need to live but if you want to send me things I am not complaining. The mail here takes at least a month to get letters and I am trying to send letters every Tuesday that we are in Osorno. Being in Entre Lagos is just like living in Rush Valley. There are ways to get food and what not but very difficult. I wish I could describe better how it is but it is a little tough. Osorno is like coming in to Salt Lake. It is so huge and we only have about 7 hours of Pday. Today we came into Osorno to watch 17 Miracles in English but it had Spanish subtitles. The bus rides are 1 hour and 15 minutes from entre lagos to Osorno and there is 2 hours and a half just traveling. 1 hour and a half for the movie, 45 minutes to write my family, 30 to buy food for the week, and the rest of the time we have to write letters and what not. I love being this busy and working my hardest!! This is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It is very difficult but I am loving every second.
     This week one of our investigators named Hector has been progressing and doing very well. He has a date to be baptized in two weeks from today and I can´t wait to be there with him. He is so wonderful and he has a testimony of everything that we are teaching him and he wants to know more. I am loving him more and more every visit.
     So the pictures didn´t work... Shoot. I think that it was because the computers were way too slow. But I am on a nicer computer now and will try again. I am attaching more photos and we will see if it is working now.
     I am writing letters every week and I promise to everyone who has written me I am going to write you back. I will send letters every Tuesday when I am in Osorno. 
     Well this experience here in Osorno has been very different. I am loving it here and it is so so different because no one speaks English and I am literally being baptized by fire ha. They threw a greengo in here who doesn´t know the language and well now look at him.. He can speak and talk with others haha. I am honestly loving it and the language is coming along just great. I wish you all could experience this with me and be here to enjoy it with me.
     We have an activity tonight in the church. It is a talent show and Elder Vallejo and I are singing with one of our investigators. I honestly can´t wait because this is my activity and I hope that it works out great. Well I have to leave to travel back to Entre Lagos but I will write more next week and write more in your personal letters.
Well I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you all. I love you!!!
Elder York

Note: I looked up Semana Santa in Chile and here's what I found:

Semana Santa [Holy Week] is an important time throughout South America. In Chile the tradition of “Cuasimodo” extends a week beyond Easter. Cuasimodo celebrations derive from the time when parish priests made their post-Easter rounds, accompanied by armed cowboy bodyguards. Also known as “Correr a Cristo” (Running to Christ), the day-long celebration involves a mass, followed by a procession in which the parish priest is drawn in a decorated carriage accompanied by mounted cowboys, bicycles, carts, and crowds of shouting people.

Elder York with Sister Megan Hammond in the Provo MTC.
She's in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission - literally out in the middle of the ocean.

Elder York with Elder Poirier in Osorno. I actually found this on his blog.
It was kind of fun to find a picture of him in Chile since I hadn't seen any,
other than when he first arrived with his mission president.
Sister Nielson with Elder York in the Provo MTC. She arrived January 30th and he left February 4th.
I'm glad they got to see each other before they headed out on their missions.

Elder York at some waterfalls by Entre Lagos.

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  1. That is so awesome Brigid!!!! How strangr it must be to speak only another language!