Saturday, March 16, 2013

Con Cariño de Chile‏


     Well it is another week in the life as a missionary. Not going to lie it is pretty tough stuff. Especially the Spanish, all that I speak is Spanish all day, every day except for when I get to write my email home. I am loving it here and am doing my absolute best. I love being here so much and even though this is the hardest thing I have ever done it is worth it and I can't fail.  
     This week it has been very hot... I just want winter to be here already. I feel like I am in Guatemala because it is so hot. But winter will be here in about 15 days all of the locals say. I am so excited for winter but every one here says that it is the worst thing in the world. The winters here are some of the coldest in all of Chile because we are in between two lakes.

     This week for teaching has been awesome!! We have 4 progressing investigators and they all have the same date for Baptism and are actually progressing!! The missionaries before me in this area only had 2 maybe 3 people at most that they focused on and worked with. Right now Elder Vallejo and I are focusing on 7 investigators that are progressing and doing awesome! Our investigators are progressing little by little but are progressing.

     Here in Chile everything is going great and the people are very interesting. We have every type of person here that you can imagine. We have doors slammed on us, people reject us, tell us that we are of the Devil, and yell at us. It is very interesting but all that I can do is love them. I just think that they dont know what they are saying and they will come around eventually. One of my favorite things to do is give the pass along cards of Jesus to the little kids. They always run after us when we pass by and ask for a picture of Jesus for their mom, dad, and brother or sister. The little kids are so sweet and always are wanting to talk to us.

     The English classes are going great and everyone is loving them. I teach every Saturday night from 8-9 and it is funny and going great. I have been taking more and more pictures every day and I will send my SD card soon. I will try to this tuesday when we are in Osorno.

     Mom. I promise that I have been writing you and I sent the letters two or 3 weeks ago. I sent lots of letters to Utah, Texas, and to my MTC brothas in Argentina. You should be getting them soon. Everything that I teach is straight from PMG, Chp. 3 1-5.

     The other area that we went to is named Pilmaiquen and they have never, ever talked with missionaries. They were awesome and we will go back this Tuesday. They always ask what we do and why we do it. We explain and it is awesome. Some of our investigators ask why I am here and think that it is just a vacation. If this is a vacation, I want to leave. But this is not a vacation and I am here to Preach the Gospel.

     Today with Anita, Jose and Javier we went to the waterfalls. I took lots of great photos and they are way awesome! I will attempt at sending pictures next Saturday. Anita is a member and Javier is her father, our Dueñas husband and Jose is the son of Anita and he is 15. It was a lot of fun and Elder Vallejo kind of fell in ha. He was trying to be funny and well we all laughed when he soaked his feet haha. 

     The food here is nothing like Mexican food. They don't have tacos, burritos, or anything Mexican ha. It is kind of like the United States but no fast food. In Osorno they do have Pizza!! Yeah I can't wait to go into Osorno!! So my ankle and knee are doing much better now. Walking so much every day helps a little.

      Well I love you all so much! Be expecting pictures next week!! I can't wait to hear from you all!

Elder York

Things I would like...

Talks from the Prophet or Apostles and I really could use some talks about the Apostasy. I would just like some reading material that is in English ha. Thanks

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