Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chile, Oh Chile!


Well this has been an interesting week here in Chile. I honestly
love it more and more every day. At the same time I feel like it is
getting harder and harder. But it is okay because I am getting
stronger and stronger every day and I have people all over the world
praying for me and the other missionaries who are struggling. Just
like in 2 Nephi 2:11 says. I have to know hard to know easy. 

This week Elder Vallejo and I were walking and we always say
hello to everyone and we passed this one person and they said. Ustedes
va a infierno. Which means in English, Go to H... Spared it just for
Maddie ha. But when we were a little bit past I leaned over to Elder
Vallejo and said, Si para buscarle. Ha which means yes, to search for
you. It reminded me of the janitor at Juan Diego haha. I thought Dad
might laugh at that one. 

The language is coming along just great and I am loving learning
it. Our dueña laughs at me now and tells me all of the jokes she said
about me in the beginning because I couldn´t understand and when we
are talking I crack a joke at her in English and then we all laugh but
I´m the only one who understands ha. I love our dueña haha. She has a
daughter who is 35 named Anita and is very funny and caring. She knows
a lot and is always watching out for us missionaries. She is a convert
along with everyone is this town and just loves us to death. 

I found out why it is so hard to work here in Entre Lagos.. This
April marks the 1 year that missionaries have been here in Entre
Lagos. Before this 1 year mark it had been 20 years since the
missionaries and church were here. 20 years ago there were 4
missionaries exactly how it is now. The church was also in a different
part of town. The other missionaries had problems with some of the
people here with some issues and the 2 Elders and 2 Hermanas had
problems together. The day that they were being sent home, the Church
burnt to the ground. No one knew why but the Church Admin closed this
area not only for the Missionaries but for the Church. There are so
many less actives here and most of them don´t want anything to do with
us because of the others. 

I had a door slammed on us the other day. I feel kinda like Elder
Brady but it wasn´t in my face. It is definitely not fun but at least
they know the missionaries are here. The people here are so loving and
most of the people we talk to have never talked with Missionaries and
don´t know who the Church is. I have talked to more people who don´t
know who the Church is than anyone else. We went to another area which
is 10 minutes by bus and they didn´t know what we were doing or who we
were but they loved us so much. We spent 4 hours and only got to talk
to 21 people because every single person wanted to talk with us.

Well I only have 21 months left on my mission.. Scary thought. I
want to be here the entire 21 months and I´m not ready to come home
until then. I talk to these missionaries who always are saying. Yeah I
only have 9 months until I go home. It makes me sad because a
missionary who knows why they are here won´t be excited to leave. It
makes me sad even thinking about leaving... But when the time comes
and I´m on the plane home I´ll be excited. But until then I am not
excited to leave because I am a Missionary and have a calling to

The English classes are going good. Last week no one showed up..
But tonight we have even more people who want to come so I know we
will have some people at least. So here in Entre Lagos there is a mail
place. It is about the size of 4 of those port a potties and every
missionary says not to use it because they lose mail. So every Tuesday
when I am in Osorno I will send my letters to you all. I have lots of
letters to send. The buses here are pretty nice I guess ha. They drive
like there is no one else on the road and it is sometimes scary.

I can´t believe you went to the Jazz game and had front row seats
ha. I definately wish I could be there but that is way cool you got to
do that I can just imagine Sean´s reaction to Boston winning. Exactly
like in Michigan [at the Tiger's v. Red Sox game]. I am taking good notes every day about everything.
The computers here are pretty slow and are pretty old but hey all I
need to do is email so I don´t mind haha. I´m sorry to hear about
President Nelson´s house burning down.. That is definately not a good
thing to have happen.

Good ol Vickie Poulson ha. It is good to hear she is doing good
ha. Tell her in about 2 and a half to 3 years I will send her a
wedding invitation. I remember her and I talking every day when I
cleaned her room when I worked at West ha. She is definitely one of my
favorite teachers of all time.

I will send home pictures sometime soon I hope. I don´t know very
much about sending things but I will try to figure it out. 

I love this
Gospel so much. The more I learn the more I want to teach it.

Well it is time for me to go. I love you all so much and thank
you for all of your love and support. I can´t wait to be home but not
until it is my time to leave.

·Do your best and let the Lord do the rest· 

Elder York

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