Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sayin' Hey from Chile


Well now I am 100 percent fluent and everything is perfect. Well
things are much better now and I´m not fluent yet ha. I wish I was but
it will be a little bit longer before I am fluent. I can actually talk
with people and hold an understandable conversation with someone. My
companion I can talk more with now, but it is different. I don´t ever
speak English because he doesn´t understand it and I have to speak a
broken Spanish and half the time he doesn't understand what I´m
saying. But it is slowly getting better every day and I am working on

Every day I am so exhausted.. We walk about 20 miles a day in the
small town of Entre Lagos. I know every road and street already and
how to get there. I know where they are but I don´t know all of the
names of them yet but I know many of them. The branch that I am in has
a total of maybe 30 members and last Sunday we had a high number of
people who attended with 23 people. It is very small here and
everything here is so wonderful. It may be small but the people here
have a wonderful heart for God. Every person here has a religion.
There are more than 10 different churches here that are all different.
Yesterday we had 4 people with a baptismal date. They could fall
through but they still said that they would be baptized if the Lord
answered their prayers. Pg. 40 in PMG. My studies have improved so
much and I am understanding so much more about the Gospel every day. 

When I was in Alaska there was a lot of rain. The difference
between there and here is I am not fishing and there I at least got to
be under a roof some of the time. Here no one ever answers their door
and are never home. We spend a lot of time in the rain.. I am so glad
that I have two pairs of boots to switch every day. The streets flood
almost every day because there is so much rain. I am definitely loving
the rain but it makes it hard to work in for sure. I am getting an
umbrella and a sleeping bag next week because today (Saturday)
everything is closed.. But every Tuesday we go into Osorno for
District meetings. The post office is also closed... I have a couple
letters here in my hand that I can´t send until Tuesday.. But I will
send them on Tuesday. I haven't read any of the emails I have gotten
yet because I don´t have too much time but I printed all of them out
and will respond to them next week. Like I said before it stinks that
I can only send two emails. 1. to my President and 2. to my family. I
wish I could respond to all of them individually but I can't. 

The food here is so different but the same. On Wednesday we had
lamb and it was literally just killed. They eat all of the limbs and
meat. I ate tendon and it was just like octopus.. Very chewy. My
mamita is the wife of the Branch President and is the greatest. She
makes us so much food and for free too. She doesn´t charge us at all
and she makes such good food. I have learned to eat all my food
because it is rude to not eat all of it. The patriarch for Osorno
lives here in Entre Lagos and is very nice. He owns a little cheese
store that he makes and it is heavenly cheese. 

I am doing great here. I am having a postive attitude with
everything that I do and I know that everything will work out good
because "I am always abounding in good works". The scripture Proverbs
3:5,6 literally takes on a new meaning for me now. I am working my
hardest and letting the Lord do the rest. I wish all of you could be
here and see what I am seeing. I see the most different things here.
From 3 people on a bike in the rain, crazy driving, and dogs
everywhere. I haven´t had a problem with fleas yet. The dogs here are
very cool! I like them a lot and am always calling them over. My
companion throws rocks at them but I pet them. 

Well the time is now to leave. I love you all so much and will
respond to your letters eventually I promise! I have a couple letters
on their way to Utah and Texas!!

I love you all! 

=Elder York

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