Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 8 in the MTC - The Final Countdown

Elder York's last email from the MTC....

Well it's official, I leave this Monday at 4 am! I fly out from Salt Lake at 7 am and then I arrive in Los Angeles at around 8 and then I don't leave there until 12:30 pm. I will call you when I get to Los Angeles and/ or I can call you from the Salt Lake airport, but it will be early in the morning. I think that I'll call anyways just to get you all ready for work and school. We will have longer to talk when I get to Los Angeles. Then from 12:30 pm- 7:00 am!!! Como Se dice, LONG FLIGHT!!! That means in English, How do you say. I am not very excited and I found out that they aren't placing us around the plane in different seats. They will be putting us all together so I won't be able to teach anyone on the plane.. Sad day but at least I will have other people to talk to in English. I am so excited to get to Chile in case none of you have noticed. I think that in every letter that I have sent I have been raving about how excited I am to be down there in Chile and to be ready to teach the moment we hit the ground. I plan to share my testimony in my broken Spanish the best that I can even in the Los Angeles airport and in Santiago.
When I got my travel plans I started packing that night when we got back to the residence halls! I was so excited to be packed and just to leave! All of these new missionaries who are here only three weeks are loving the MTC and they always are bragging about how awesome it is. Well it's true. I love the MTC so much but the only bad part about being here is the fact that I have been here for 9 weeks ha! I am most definitely ready to hit the ground running and to be out of here. My bags won't be anywhere close to the weight limit because the only things that I need to take with me are a good pair of shoes, a coat, clothes and my scriptures. I would even wear a lava lava if I needed to because I am trying to focus less on myself and more on the people of Chile. Oh by the way my ankle is healing very quick. When it first happened the doctor told me it would put me off on my time for about a month. But I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he said that it is healing so quick and that it won't put me off at all. The Lord does answer prayers and does protect his missionaries. 

It's good to hear how Sean and Maddie are doing. I don't know if I believe it or not but Maddie's coach told her to settle down and that she was being too aggressive?? Where did all of this come from ha! The child with anger issues during basketball had left the house I thought ha! I am so glad that you are being much more assertive and same with you Sean! I wish so much that I could be there to cheer you on and I wish that I  could be there because I'm sure sure that you could use a little bit more excitement and cheering from someone who has a very loud voice! Ha Well that stinks that Papa York has been kinda sick so the gym must have been really quiet without him and I ;) I am sad to hear about coach Mahler.. He was such a wonderful person and he was always trying to help others to be the best that they could be. But it is a good thing because I know that he was in a lot of pain and suffering but he is for sure in a better place now. He is playing basketball in heaven with the greats I have no doubt. 

Track is coming up!!! Sean start teaching Maddie javelin now por favor! I am so envious of everyone who will be there to watch you throw and break the school record.. Sean you had better have someone film every one of your throws so that I can watch them when I get home and so that you can have video proof of breaking the record. I know that you can do it and if you will put your mind to it you can do anything. Make sure that you are always praying and my best advice for you is to find a scripture that you really like and put it on the back of your shoes. Or better yet, at the beginning of the year come up with a purpose of breaking the record and doing your best. Be strong and do your best always! 

Thank you everyone who has been writing me. I love hearing from all of you so so much! Seriously thank you all. Now you have to write me while I'm down in Chile. I will write all of you back today and will give you my address in Chile. My address in Chile is...

Elder Alex York
Chile Osorno Mission
Casilla 7-0
Region X

To send a letter to me in Chile without getting international stamps is to put 3 of our stamps on the letter. If you ever are to send me a package, make sure that you put a picture of Jesus on the front of the box and then they won't go through it because a lot of people down there are very superstitious. 

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful snow and are driving and being careful! I pray for all of you daily and I really hope you are all safe. I promise that because I am here you all will be blessed. Live life to the fullest and always strive to have the spirit with you. Live life like you are preparing for a mission and you will be blessed! I love this Gospel with all of my heart and I know that it is true. It has been such a wonderful blessing in my life and I love it so so much! Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdad. Yo se Thomas S. Monson es una profeta en este dias. Lo amo con todo mi corazon. I love you all so much! 


-Elder York

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