Friday, January 25, 2013

Week 7 in the MTC

January 24, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

     Well it is official, I only have two weeks left and then I will be in Chile. I am so excited to leave for Chile and start teaching the Gospel. I will for sure have the time of my life down there and I plan to capture every moment on picture so that I can share my wonderful experiences with everyone. It is summer/fall right now in Chile so when I get there it will be fall/winter time. I will be getting two blessed winters in a row! It's a very good thing that I love the winter time and I am just so excited for it! Plus I will get to see penguins down there and some other things that you don't normally see in Utah and even Alaska for that matter. I don't think that I will even need the 100 + pounds that they give us in our luggage. I might sneak some penguins back in my suitcase but we'll cross that path when we get there. I found a new favorite scripture in Alma 31:37. It talks about not worrying about anything except for the work and the Lord will make everything work for my benefit. SO that is my goal now. 

     The weather here has been very, very cold and today it rained so everything is very icy! Well I'm already in a boot for my ankle so I feel a little safer when I walk ha! Thank you mom for the package that I got! I love it so so much and I'm wearing one boot right now haha! The CD's are perfect and I am so so thankful for them! I will pass out those letters to all of my comps and will make sure that they all get a CD and same with the Tooele Boys. I will get to call home from the airport to tell you I'm there and still alive :P And we get to talk as long as we don't miss our flight basically. We are just paying for however much we talk. 

     Thank you also for the jacket! I put my name on it and will put it in my back pack. I was confused when I got it but now I understand why and it makes more sense. I got to wear my blue Grundens rain jacket finally with my one boot ha! My flashlight is working but the batteries are rechargable ones and one is starting to dim. Double A won't work with it so if I could get a charger I would appreciate it. 

     My ankle is healing very quickly and I was in a wheel chair for 5 days because they didn't want me on crutches because of how I hurt my right knee a couple weeks before and in crutches for 3 days and now i'm in a boot for a week. But I am healing so fast! It was very painful to walk but it feels so so much better now! Thank you all for your prayers and for everything you all do for me. 

     Mom, I promise to back all of my pictures on the flashdrive when I get to Chile. I can't do it on the comps here. I haven't gotten to host yet but I will next week. Hopefully I'll be Courtenae's host ;) Ha well hopefully at least! I am doing my best to be healed up and back to giving it my all! Which I still am giving it my all btw. I love it here so so much! I wish I could work here forever! Maybe I will after?? :)

     I met a sister missionary the other day in the MTC here and she singled me out because I was sitting in the lunchroom by myself waiting for my comp to get me food and she came up and started talking to me. She started telling me about how she was going to meet her husband in the mtc and I said wow well I want to meet my wife here! She was kinda excited and said that he had to speak Spanish and I said well so does my wife ha! So she asked me where I was going and I told her Chile so she was all excited and said she was going to I think Dallas Texas or somewhere like that but Spanish speaking. So I told her I would meet my wife next week when my girlfriend came in ha! She was just like well good luck and left ha! Funniest moment ever! 

     Sean and Maddie sound like they are doing super awesome in basketball! I wish I could be there to cheer them on and to yell for them ;) Sean when you break the school record [for javelin]
 you had better let me know and had better tell me and I expect to see many many pictures! I wish I could be there to help coach you on but I know that you have learned everything that I can teach you. Good luck and you shatter that record! BE SMART BRO!! Maddie keep up the good work! You'll be at at the top soon! Thank you for the stuff for my ankle btw. I like it alot and it is really helping. My ankle looks funny. I'm sending home pictures so please take them and show Mr. Spencer k? ha 
     I love you all so much and can't wait until I get to see all of you. Always live life like you are preparing for a mission. I love you all so so much! BE safe! 

Elder York

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