Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 6 in the MTC

January 17, 2013

     Que Pasa? How is everyone doing?? I am loving the MTC and well my favorite part has become my enemy... Gym time and me just do not get along at all.. I sprained my ankle and as of yesterday had my final doctor appointment for my knee and the doctor said that my knee is healed. Even though I am a little sore I am still doing great! My investigator that I teach has been going super great. (Just a member who pretends to be a non member) Elder Carlisle and I have been teaching and doing so great. We got a new district leader last week. It is Elder Linford and he is doing super great. Elder Collins (the one who tore his ACL) went home on Monday night. He will be home for ten weeks but then will be back. 
     I saw Elder Holland right before I called home and he is a very big man. He spoke to us and he was very blunt and it was very shocking to hear an Apostle speak like that. He said that we had better not come home from our missions and say "Well I'm done with this now. Time to grow out my mustache and hair." He said we had better not run into him in a dark alley. He'd go crazy because he's serious about that stuff! Elder Holland is seriously a wonderful man and he is called by God. I love hearing him speak! 

     This week has been pretty long but has had not much going on. I love getting letters. I don't know if I can say that enough haha. I was so excited to host the new missionaries on wednesday but the zone leaders wouldn't let me because of my ankle. Well It is a bummer but I am still pretty excited because I'll get to do it later. Next week I will get to host for sure. I'm going to have a lot more of letter writing time now with no more gym time.. So that means I would like more people to write me. My slacker friends need to write me who haven't heard from me in a month... Let em know I wanna know how they are. I am expecting a letter from a certain person who should spend less ESPN time and more writing his brother time. *cough* Sean *cough* ha. I know you are busy but it would be nice to hear from you. Thank you everyone who I have gotten letters from! Whenever I get a letter I feel so loved and I am so excited!!

     I cannot wait until I get to leave for Chile! I hear more and more stories every day about how awesome Osorno is and I am so so excited!! There are very few going to Osorno but a bunch going to Chile. I wish so bad I could be there right now but I will be there soon enough. My testimony grows so much every day and I know that everything happens for a reason. I can't even imagine how much I will change in the next 22 months! I have changed so so much already and still have a way to go! 

     So let me know how everything is going. I want to know how the community is, school, and family. I love hearing from all of my friends and family. I saw Scott, Tell, Cole, Sister Bevan, and a couple others. I love seeing my friends so much and I can't wait to see my best friend on the 30th of January.. ;) That will be a great handshake ha! I will get plenty of pictures and hopefully some more videos. We got a new district this week and I already love them! They are so cool and one of their names is York Alexander Kern. That is his real name and that is just so cool to me! He is a very cool elder. In 5 days I will be the oldest district in my zone and I only have 2-3 weeks left until I am finally in Chile. 

     I will be sending home my SD card whenever I get my package from you so I have a card. I have plenty of pictures and videos and more of them are with me. Good luck with everything! I love you all and miss you all so so much! I will email you next Wednesday around 12:00 so watch for my email and maybe you can email me right back ;) I love you all so much and pray for you daily! Be safe and always be preparing for a mission! 

Elder York

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