Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 4 in the MTC

January 3, 2013

     Has it really been a month in two days?!? Wow well I guess I only have 23 months left until I'm home ha. I guess I'm at week four starting week five. I am having a blast here and I love every second of it here. There are many perks of the MTC but there are definitely the downs. I am here for 9 weeks and the only time anyone gets to go out is when the Temple is open. The Temple was closed for the remainder of the year my second week here and just opened back up today but I didn't feel healthy enough to go. 
     Yesterday there was a sickness that went through the MTC. Well two days ago I guess but I got the virus that was going around. There were 700 missionaries that were sick or had the symptoms and were sent back to the room. Out of the 56 branches in the MTC only 4 didn't have someone who wasn't sick in their branch. I got sick at about 6:00 at night and so I went to the doctor, waited two hours for them to give me some benadryl and Gatorade. They told me to stay in my room for two days so I didn't spread my sickness with the remaining 1,400 missionaries. But today I feel so much better and well lucky for me, it's P-day. 
     I got to leave the MTC yesterday for my 3rd time to go see the Orthopedic surgeon and to get my MRI read. He told me the good news and bad news. He said the good news is you did not tear your meniscus, but bad news is you tore your ACL... Just kidding the only thing I did was there are two muscles lateral to my patella that I just bruised from playing too hard in basketball. So no surgery for this guy! The Lord blesses Missionaries. So I sit up top on the track and watch people play basketball and I do push ups and sit ups. I am not letting this get me down at all and I am making the most of it. I gained 5 pounds when I got here but since I hurt my knee I have lost 10 so I'm not letting the food get to me either ha ha literally. 
     The MTC is so much fun and I am having the experiences of a lifetime! I have never been able to study the scriptures and Spanish language for 10-15 hours a day. I love studying the scriptures so much and it is so amazing the things that I am finding in the scriptures and how I  am learning the language and it is just incredible how much I actually like Spanish now. Well sluffing Spanish I can say was definitely not worth it ha! I had a phenomenal Christmas Experience that is just so incredible. I definitely had one of the greatest Christmases ever. 

     I love getting letters from all of you and I'm sorry if I haven't written you back yet. I promise everyone will get a response. This is my first P-day that I have actually gotten a real break and gotten to study and relax. But I love having P-days but I don't like having a whole day of nothing to do. I am truly ready for the work and super excited! 

     I love you all and will talk to you soon! Be safe and write me! 

       Elder York

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