Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 3 in the MTC

December 28, 2012

     I am sorry for not emailing you all yesterday. It was a very busy day and I had a lot going on. I went to see an Orthopedic surgeon and he thinks I may have a small tear in my meniscus. He said if I were to get surgery it would be 3-4 weeks on crutches and it would be an osteoscope (a micro surgery). Nothing big at all. I got an MRI yesterday and I won't see the results from that until next Wednesday. We'll see how that goes! I am doing very well and I don't want you to worry at all. All I want and Need is your prayers. If you worry about me and are concerned for me then it won't help me at all. Have faith that the Lord loves his missionaries and will protect them just as I do. I know I will be okay and this I will be fine. I think that it is a blessing from the Lord that I noticed it hurting and stopped my physical activities because maybe if I had kept working on it and not taken a step back and evaluated my situation that maybe something worse would have happened. I know everything happens for a reason and I'm not worried at all. I am on crutches just so I am keeping the pressure off of my right knee but I take it as a new adventure and I welcome this new challenge.

     My district is 7- going to Osorno, Chile and the other 4- Guatemala. The ones going to Osorno are... Elder Munns, Elder Sharp, Elder Carlisle, Me, Elder Dolinar, Elder Parsons, and Elder Solomon. The first three before me are in my room. Elder Munns is from Rexburg ID, Elder Sharp is from Heber, and Elder Carlisle is from Cache Valley, Elder Parsons is from Oregon, Elder Dolinar is from Pleasant Grove, and Elder Solomon is from Queen Creek, AZ.

     The Guatemalans are Elder Perry from Layton UT, Elder Wangeman from Lindon UT, Elder Collins from Modesto CA, and Elder Linford from Glendora. That is my district and from my zone that is all who is going to Osorno Chile. The zone is all older missionaries and they will all leave in a few weeks and then it will be my district and the new district that will be the old top dogs.

     I see Elder Stewart quite frequently and most unfortunately it has been mostly at the doctor. He has a really sore throat and doesn't like the food at all. But he is doing great! Elder Cottrell is doing very well and I see him a bunch too. Elder Stewart is the first batch of 18 year olds that were admitted into the MTC. That's pretty cool! 

     I went and talked with the President of the MTC (actually a very hard guy to get a hold of, I mean he's only in charge of 4,000 missionaries) and I went on my own will just to talk with him and share the experience that I had and to talk about my knee. I talked with him and had a very wonderful conversation with him on gospel doctrine and medical stuff. He is a very awesome guy. I will be able to call you if I end up having the surgery. I will say it again. Yes I will get to call you so if a random number calls you, please answer haha.

     I wrote you all personal letters and you should be getting them soon and I hope you got my Christmas present! :) I hope you will use it at church, seminary, and the soon mission field ;) I love you all so much and hope that you know that I am your missionary and will RWH. Return With Honor.

    I love you and will talk with you soon. Be safe and Remember that I love you all!
         Elder York

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