Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saying Adios to Elder York

Alex's (farewell) talk was November 25, 2012. He has a strong testimony and will be a dynamic missionary. He (along with Madeline's piano solo) had those of us up front crying. It was a whirlwind last few weeks getting him ready to go. We had family pictures taken during Thanksgiving weekend. Sean finally had his Eagle Board of Review. Alex was able to go to some of both Sean and Madeline's basketball games before he left. He was trying to fit so much into his days with family and friends. He packed his suitcase in the morning and was set apart as an Elder on December 4, 2012, right after Madeline's basketball game. We spent the evening with family and friends saying their goodbyes.

These kids are going to change so much in the next two years!
The York Clan - that is all but our Arizona York's!

Our three Eagle Scouts

We had to have a picture of our Eagle Scout boys.
This was taken the night before Alex left just before midnight.
 I taped Sean's Eagle patch on for the picture! (another use for duct tape!)

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