Saturday, January 26, 2013


We got some pictures from Elder York today. It looks like he is having a great time. Here is a glimpse into the MTC.

Map of the nine missions in Chile.
Every missionary a janitor!
This is in December when many of the missionaries had a flu bug. They came up with lots of creative things to do while they were sick. Crutch soccer, snowball launching in the hallways, Nerf gun fights etc.
The MTC laundry room. There are computers in there so they can email home.
A few of the Tooele elders: Elder York, Elder Behunin, Elder Brady,  Elder Bertrand and Elder Cottrell.

Elder York - Chile Osorno Mission

Elder York and Elder Carlisle - Chile Osorno Mission

Elder York
Elder York with his district before Elder Collins left. The Guatemala & Chile Osorno elders.

Elder York with his newly sprained ankle. This time volleyball was the culprit!
No more gym time for him!

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