Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting Ready

He got his call in July...he wasn't leaving until December and wasn't coming home from Alaska until October. We did the waiting game. We researched Chile...climate, food, culture, etc. His mission is the largest mission in Chile (about 1,000 miles long and on average 100 miles wide), so the climate can be cold on one end and warmer up north. The seasons are opposite of ours. When it's winter here, it's summer there. It rains...a lot! Even in the summer. In the winter especially, it rains sideways. We learned a lot about Chile, but still had to wait for him to come home to start buying things. There's a lot to buy for a mission...white shirts, ties, suit(s), pants, shoes, boots, coats, backpack, rain pants, luggage, plus everything else he might need for two years. He bought all that himself.

These two young ladies were so excited to see their brothers!

Home from Alaska...Cole & to get them ready for their missions!

The family at the Bountiful LDS Temple
Alex with his Grandma & Grandpa York

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