Sunday, January 20, 2013

Friends and Missions

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A day that will be remembered by so many. LDS General Conference. First speaker of the first session...President Thomas S. Monson...his talk changed the lives of so many young people. The Church changed its policy for missionaries. Young men can now serve at age 18 (instead of 19) and young women 19 (instead of 21). Bishops throughout the world were getting calls and texts from youth to set up interviews to get their paperwork going. Robert even had a handful call or text him. It's an exciting time. A lot of Alex's friends have gotten their calls sooner than anticipated.

Salt Lake LDS Temple - Elder Bertrand (Mexico); Elder Brady (Ohio); Elder York (Chile);
Elder Stewart (Texas); Elder Cottrell (Russia).  They'll all be in the MTC together.

They're right behind him...Sean (will probably not see any of them for 4 years or so);
Elder Brady; Elder Bertrand; Elder York; Elder Stewart.

Some of the Ketchikan co-workers at Elder Cottrell's farewell, November 2012.

Army of Helaman: Elder Haskell (Bolivia); Elder Brady (Ohio); Elder Stewart (Texas);
Elder Bertrand (Mexico); Elder Cottrell (Russia); Elder York (Chile)

Alex's best friend, Sister Nielson, was called to the Texas McAllen Mission, Spanish speaking,
leaving January 30, 2013.

Elder Cottrell (Russia); Elder Fernandez (Canada); Elder Stewart (Texas); Elder York (Chile); Elder Brady(Ohio)

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