Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 2 in the MTC

December 20, 2012

Hey Yorkclan!! 

It's my second P-day and I hope you know that you can email me haha. Please forward this to both sides of the family and family friends who would like to hear from me

I am loving life in the MTC and only have 7 weeks until I fly to Chile! I know it's only been 2 weeks but for me it feels like I have been gone for two months! I hope that all is well back home and I think about all of my family and friends all the time. I am not letting anything get in the way of me serving this mission! It has been very tough but now that I have made it this far it's all downhill from here and I don't miss home as much as I did before. I know what I am doing and more importantly why I am doing it. I am serving a mission so that I can go and find my very close friends and brothers and sisters in Chile so that they may live with their families forever just like I can live with my family forever. 

Last week there was a rack in the laundry room that said free as is and i found an exact match suit coat to mine so now I have two! I'm pretty excited and thought I'd share that. 

This week has been pretty bland but very spiritual. Every Tuesday we have a devotional and every time I go It is just so awesome and I learn so much. This next Tuesday, (Christmas day) We will be having a very special guest... Our Branch President said that he thinks it is one of the "Big 3". You never know I may get to meet the prophet because I do have the luckiest luck ever ha! That would be incredible.

Elder Collins just got his MRI result back and he tore his ACL, fractured his patella, and tore 3 major ligaments in his knee. Sean and Maddie learn about that and tell Mr. Spencer that. All of that just from playing basketball ha. You can never be too careful. My knee has been really hurting too... Just kidding it's just a bruise and sore I'm sure haha. 

Thank you so much Grandma York for the shirt! I am wearing it right now and I love it. "Celestial York Bound"

To my favorite aunt.... I bet every single one of you thought I was writing just to you ;) I hope you know that I am so grateful for your love and prayers. One of the greatest things that has been good for me so far is scouting. I have used so much of my knowledge here that I received from scouts. GET YOUR BOYS IN SCOUTS AND MAKE SURE THEY GET THEIR EAGLE! Ha it is one of the Greatest blessings I have recognized so far. 

I am so grateful for my family. Mom thank you so much for the package that you sent me... My companions and I are so so grateful for everything. I haven't seen Josh or Tell yet.. I see Cole at least twice daily and will get them their treats. Dad I would like it if you would write me a letter or email with some of your MTC experiences if you wouldn't mind. I actually would like any MTC experiences from anyone. Sam Clegg, Jeremy Brown... ETC. It would greatly help me. Sean I want to know how you are doing and what you are doing to improve your game. Keep me posted buddy! Maddie thank you for everything that you write me. I am so grateful for your example. Well York family I love ya and will write you soon! 

        Elder York

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