Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 8 in the MTC - The Final Countdown

Elder York's last email from the MTC....

Well it's official, I leave this Monday at 4 am! I fly out from Salt Lake at 7 am and then I arrive in Los Angeles at around 8 and then I don't leave there until 12:30 pm. I will call you when I get to Los Angeles and/ or I can call you from the Salt Lake airport, but it will be early in the morning. I think that I'll call anyways just to get you all ready for work and school. We will have longer to talk when I get to Los Angeles. Then from 12:30 pm- 7:00 am!!! Como Se dice, LONG FLIGHT!!! That means in English, How do you say. I am not very excited and I found out that they aren't placing us around the plane in different seats. They will be putting us all together so I won't be able to teach anyone on the plane.. Sad day but at least I will have other people to talk to in English. I am so excited to get to Chile in case none of you have noticed. I think that in every letter that I have sent I have been raving about how excited I am to be down there in Chile and to be ready to teach the moment we hit the ground. I plan to share my testimony in my broken Spanish the best that I can even in the Los Angeles airport and in Santiago.
When I got my travel plans I started packing that night when we got back to the residence halls! I was so excited to be packed and just to leave! All of these new missionaries who are here only three weeks are loving the MTC and they always are bragging about how awesome it is. Well it's true. I love the MTC so much but the only bad part about being here is the fact that I have been here for 9 weeks ha! I am most definitely ready to hit the ground running and to be out of here. My bags won't be anywhere close to the weight limit because the only things that I need to take with me are a good pair of shoes, a coat, clothes and my scriptures. I would even wear a lava lava if I needed to because I am trying to focus less on myself and more on the people of Chile. Oh by the way my ankle is healing very quick. When it first happened the doctor told me it would put me off on my time for about a month. But I went to the doctor on Tuesday and he said that it is healing so quick and that it won't put me off at all. The Lord does answer prayers and does protect his missionaries. 

It's good to hear how Sean and Maddie are doing. I don't know if I believe it or not but Maddie's coach told her to settle down and that she was being too aggressive?? Where did all of this come from ha! The child with anger issues during basketball had left the house I thought ha! I am so glad that you are being much more assertive and same with you Sean! I wish so much that I could be there to cheer you on and I wish that I  could be there because I'm sure sure that you could use a little bit more excitement and cheering from someone who has a very loud voice! Ha Well that stinks that Papa York has been kinda sick so the gym must have been really quiet without him and I ;) I am sad to hear about coach Mahler.. He was such a wonderful person and he was always trying to help others to be the best that they could be. But it is a good thing because I know that he was in a lot of pain and suffering but he is for sure in a better place now. He is playing basketball in heaven with the greats I have no doubt. 

Track is coming up!!! Sean start teaching Maddie javelin now por favor! I am so envious of everyone who will be there to watch you throw and break the school record.. Sean you had better have someone film every one of your throws so that I can watch them when I get home and so that you can have video proof of breaking the record. I know that you can do it and if you will put your mind to it you can do anything. Make sure that you are always praying and my best advice for you is to find a scripture that you really like and put it on the back of your shoes. Or better yet, at the beginning of the year come up with a purpose of breaking the record and doing your best. Be strong and do your best always! 

Thank you everyone who has been writing me. I love hearing from all of you so so much! Seriously thank you all. Now you have to write me while I'm down in Chile. I will write all of you back today and will give you my address in Chile. My address in Chile is...

Elder Alex York
Chile Osorno Mission
Casilla 7-0
Region X

To send a letter to me in Chile without getting international stamps is to put 3 of our stamps on the letter. If you ever are to send me a package, make sure that you put a picture of Jesus on the front of the box and then they won't go through it because a lot of people down there are very superstitious. 

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful snow and are driving and being careful! I pray for all of you daily and I really hope you are all safe. I promise that because I am here you all will be blessed. Live life to the fullest and always strive to have the spirit with you. Live life like you are preparing for a mission and you will be blessed! I love this Gospel with all of my heart and I know that it is true. It has been such a wonderful blessing in my life and I love it so so much! Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdad. Yo se Thomas S. Monson es una profeta en este dias. Lo amo con todo mi corazon. I love you all so much! 


-Elder York

Saturday, January 26, 2013


We got some pictures from Elder York today. It looks like he is having a great time. Here is a glimpse into the MTC.

Map of the nine missions in Chile.
Every missionary a janitor!
This is in December when many of the missionaries had a flu bug. They came up with lots of creative things to do while they were sick. Crutch soccer, snowball launching in the hallways, Nerf gun fights etc.
The MTC laundry room. There are computers in there so they can email home.
A few of the Tooele elders: Elder York, Elder Behunin, Elder Brady,  Elder Bertrand and Elder Cottrell.

Elder York - Chile Osorno Mission

Elder York and Elder Carlisle - Chile Osorno Mission

Elder York
Elder York with his district before Elder Collins left. The Guatemala & Chile Osorno elders.

Elder York with his newly sprained ankle. This time volleyball was the culprit!
No more gym time for him!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Week 7 in the MTC

January 24, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

     Well it is official, I only have two weeks left and then I will be in Chile. I am so excited to leave for Chile and start teaching the Gospel. I will for sure have the time of my life down there and I plan to capture every moment on picture so that I can share my wonderful experiences with everyone. It is summer/fall right now in Chile so when I get there it will be fall/winter time. I will be getting two blessed winters in a row! It's a very good thing that I love the winter time and I am just so excited for it! Plus I will get to see penguins down there and some other things that you don't normally see in Utah and even Alaska for that matter. I don't think that I will even need the 100 + pounds that they give us in our luggage. I might sneak some penguins back in my suitcase but we'll cross that path when we get there. I found a new favorite scripture in Alma 31:37. It talks about not worrying about anything except for the work and the Lord will make everything work for my benefit. SO that is my goal now. 

     The weather here has been very, very cold and today it rained so everything is very icy! Well I'm already in a boot for my ankle so I feel a little safer when I walk ha! Thank you mom for the package that I got! I love it so so much and I'm wearing one boot right now haha! The CD's are perfect and I am so so thankful for them! I will pass out those letters to all of my comps and will make sure that they all get a CD and same with the Tooele Boys. I will get to call home from the airport to tell you I'm there and still alive :P And we get to talk as long as we don't miss our flight basically. We are just paying for however much we talk. 

     Thank you also for the jacket! I put my name on it and will put it in my back pack. I was confused when I got it but now I understand why and it makes more sense. I got to wear my blue Grundens rain jacket finally with my one boot ha! My flashlight is working but the batteries are rechargable ones and one is starting to dim. Double A won't work with it so if I could get a charger I would appreciate it. 

     My ankle is healing very quickly and I was in a wheel chair for 5 days because they didn't want me on crutches because of how I hurt my right knee a couple weeks before and in crutches for 3 days and now i'm in a boot for a week. But I am healing so fast! It was very painful to walk but it feels so so much better now! Thank you all for your prayers and for everything you all do for me. 

     Mom, I promise to back all of my pictures on the flashdrive when I get to Chile. I can't do it on the comps here. I haven't gotten to host yet but I will next week. Hopefully I'll be Courtenae's host ;) Ha well hopefully at least! I am doing my best to be healed up and back to giving it my all! Which I still am giving it my all btw. I love it here so so much! I wish I could work here forever! Maybe I will after?? :)

     I met a sister missionary the other day in the MTC here and she singled me out because I was sitting in the lunchroom by myself waiting for my comp to get me food and she came up and started talking to me. She started telling me about how she was going to meet her husband in the mtc and I said wow well I want to meet my wife here! She was kinda excited and said that he had to speak Spanish and I said well so does my wife ha! So she asked me where I was going and I told her Chile so she was all excited and said she was going to I think Dallas Texas or somewhere like that but Spanish speaking. So I told her I would meet my wife next week when my girlfriend came in ha! She was just like well good luck and left ha! Funniest moment ever! 

     Sean and Maddie sound like they are doing super awesome in basketball! I wish I could be there to cheer them on and to yell for them ;) Sean when you break the school record [for javelin]
 you had better let me know and had better tell me and I expect to see many many pictures! I wish I could be there to help coach you on but I know that you have learned everything that I can teach you. Good luck and you shatter that record! BE SMART BRO!! Maddie keep up the good work! You'll be at at the top soon! Thank you for the stuff for my ankle btw. I like it alot and it is really helping. My ankle looks funny. I'm sending home pictures so please take them and show Mr. Spencer k? ha 
     I love you all so much and can't wait until I get to see all of you. Always live life like you are preparing for a mission. I love you all so so much! BE safe! 

Elder York

Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 6 in the MTC

January 17, 2013

     Que Pasa? How is everyone doing?? I am loving the MTC and well my favorite part has become my enemy... Gym time and me just do not get along at all.. I sprained my ankle and as of yesterday had my final doctor appointment for my knee and the doctor said that my knee is healed. Even though I am a little sore I am still doing great! My investigator that I teach has been going super great. (Just a member who pretends to be a non member) Elder Carlisle and I have been teaching and doing so great. We got a new district leader last week. It is Elder Linford and he is doing super great. Elder Collins (the one who tore his ACL) went home on Monday night. He will be home for ten weeks but then will be back. 
     I saw Elder Holland right before I called home and he is a very big man. He spoke to us and he was very blunt and it was very shocking to hear an Apostle speak like that. He said that we had better not come home from our missions and say "Well I'm done with this now. Time to grow out my mustache and hair." He said we had better not run into him in a dark alley. He'd go crazy because he's serious about that stuff! Elder Holland is seriously a wonderful man and he is called by God. I love hearing him speak! 

     This week has been pretty long but has had not much going on. I love getting letters. I don't know if I can say that enough haha. I was so excited to host the new missionaries on wednesday but the zone leaders wouldn't let me because of my ankle. Well It is a bummer but I am still pretty excited because I'll get to do it later. Next week I will get to host for sure. I'm going to have a lot more of letter writing time now with no more gym time.. So that means I would like more people to write me. My slacker friends need to write me who haven't heard from me in a month... Let em know I wanna know how they are. I am expecting a letter from a certain person who should spend less ESPN time and more writing his brother time. *cough* Sean *cough* ha. I know you are busy but it would be nice to hear from you. Thank you everyone who I have gotten letters from! Whenever I get a letter I feel so loved and I am so excited!!

     I cannot wait until I get to leave for Chile! I hear more and more stories every day about how awesome Osorno is and I am so so excited!! There are very few going to Osorno but a bunch going to Chile. I wish so bad I could be there right now but I will be there soon enough. My testimony grows so much every day and I know that everything happens for a reason. I can't even imagine how much I will change in the next 22 months! I have changed so so much already and still have a way to go! 

     So let me know how everything is going. I want to know how the community is, school, and family. I love hearing from all of my friends and family. I saw Scott, Tell, Cole, Sister Bevan, and a couple others. I love seeing my friends so much and I can't wait to see my best friend on the 30th of January.. ;) That will be a great handshake ha! I will get plenty of pictures and hopefully some more videos. We got a new district this week and I already love them! They are so cool and one of their names is York Alexander Kern. That is his real name and that is just so cool to me! He is a very cool elder. In 5 days I will be the oldest district in my zone and I only have 2-3 weeks left until I am finally in Chile. 

     I will be sending home my SD card whenever I get my package from you so I have a card. I have plenty of pictures and videos and more of them are with me. Good luck with everything! I love you all and miss you all so so much! I will email you next Wednesday around 12:00 so watch for my email and maybe you can email me right back ;) I love you all so much and pray for you daily! Be safe and always be preparing for a mission! 

Elder York

Week 5 in the MTC

January 10, 2013 

    Well I'm on the start of my 6th week I think ha. Time flies by so fast and it is crazy to see all of these missionaries who come in and leave before i leave. The MTC is a very humbling experience and it is so much fun. I love every minute that I spend here. 
     Last week I was sick with the virus that was passed around. President Brown stood up in our meeting on Sunday and said that 1,000 missionaries were sick or had the symptoms. With numbers that large it is very insane and would spread like wildfire. But now there are under 50 who are sick. The Lord has his hand in the work and is definitely hastening his work. The Lord blesses his missionaries for sure and He is doing everything to keep us missionaries going. My knee is doing so much better and my last week of Physical Therapy is tomorrow off campus and then I have a couple more on campus. But overall I am doing great!
     My week has been very busy and eventful. I have physical therapy twice a week and sometimes occasionally have doctor appointments. My companion has a doctor appointment today at two. I learned how important this work actually is and what my job really is. Everyone can repent of their sins but no one can be truly forgiven of their sins until they are baptized. That includes all of us but when we take the Sacrament we are being "baptized" again. I found a second pillow and I am sleeping so much better and I am finally starting to dream here. Every time I watch the Joseph Smith movie I feel so much more confident and so excited to teach this Gospel. 

     I don't have to worry about the language because I know that if I do my best the Lord will do the rest. I am very confident that I will master the language and will do great. I am so excited to get to Chile already and teach the Gospel to all of them. The Lord truly is speeding up his work so we need to make sure that we are on the Lord's side. 
     I have seen Tell, Scott, Josh and Cole every day and it is so good to see my friends and brothers. I feel just like Alma in Alma 17 when he rejoices because he sees his brothers and is even more excited that they are still his brethren in the Lord. Those 4 are going to be great missionaries. I'm sorry if there are spelling errors in this email or incorrect things. The keyboard is broken and I have to almost jam the keys down. But I am doing the best I can ha. I really miss all of you and I can't wait to see you but a couple years will be good for us and for the people of Chile. I Love this Gospel so much and I am going to leave no regrets while I am out here. I will even knock on the Bishop'
s door and give him a family home evening lesson if I must.
     I would like to hear from everyone and know how they are doing. Thank you everyone who has sent me a letter. I will reply back to everyone. Feel free to email me anytime. I can print off the emails and read them so it won't take away from my time to email. It's not about the hardest worker, It's about the smartest worker ha. I am going to try to be both while I am here! I look forward to hearing from you all soon! I love you all so much! Be safe and be strong!

-Elder York

Week 4 in the MTC

January 3, 2013

     Has it really been a month in two days?!? Wow well I guess I only have 23 months left until I'm home ha. I guess I'm at week four starting week five. I am having a blast here and I love every second of it here. There are many perks of the MTC but there are definitely the downs. I am here for 9 weeks and the only time anyone gets to go out is when the Temple is open. The Temple was closed for the remainder of the year my second week here and just opened back up today but I didn't feel healthy enough to go. 
     Yesterday there was a sickness that went through the MTC. Well two days ago I guess but I got the virus that was going around. There were 700 missionaries that were sick or had the symptoms and were sent back to the room. Out of the 56 branches in the MTC only 4 didn't have someone who wasn't sick in their branch. I got sick at about 6:00 at night and so I went to the doctor, waited two hours for them to give me some benadryl and Gatorade. They told me to stay in my room for two days so I didn't spread my sickness with the remaining 1,400 missionaries. But today I feel so much better and well lucky for me, it's P-day. 
     I got to leave the MTC yesterday for my 3rd time to go see the Orthopedic surgeon and to get my MRI read. He told me the good news and bad news. He said the good news is you did not tear your meniscus, but bad news is you tore your ACL... Just kidding the only thing I did was there are two muscles lateral to my patella that I just bruised from playing too hard in basketball. So no surgery for this guy! The Lord blesses Missionaries. So I sit up top on the track and watch people play basketball and I do push ups and sit ups. I am not letting this get me down at all and I am making the most of it. I gained 5 pounds when I got here but since I hurt my knee I have lost 10 so I'm not letting the food get to me either ha ha literally. 
     The MTC is so much fun and I am having the experiences of a lifetime! I have never been able to study the scriptures and Spanish language for 10-15 hours a day. I love studying the scriptures so much and it is so amazing the things that I am finding in the scriptures and how I  am learning the language and it is just incredible how much I actually like Spanish now. Well sluffing Spanish I can say was definitely not worth it ha! I had a phenomenal Christmas Experience that is just so incredible. I definitely had one of the greatest Christmases ever. 

     I love getting letters from all of you and I'm sorry if I haven't written you back yet. I promise everyone will get a response. This is my first P-day that I have actually gotten a real break and gotten to study and relax. But I love having P-days but I don't like having a whole day of nothing to do. I am truly ready for the work and super excited! 

     I love you all and will talk to you soon! Be safe and write me! 

       Elder York

Week 3 in the MTC

December 28, 2012

     I am sorry for not emailing you all yesterday. It was a very busy day and I had a lot going on. I went to see an Orthopedic surgeon and he thinks I may have a small tear in my meniscus. He said if I were to get surgery it would be 3-4 weeks on crutches and it would be an osteoscope (a micro surgery). Nothing big at all. I got an MRI yesterday and I won't see the results from that until next Wednesday. We'll see how that goes! I am doing very well and I don't want you to worry at all. All I want and Need is your prayers. If you worry about me and are concerned for me then it won't help me at all. Have faith that the Lord loves his missionaries and will protect them just as I do. I know I will be okay and this I will be fine. I think that it is a blessing from the Lord that I noticed it hurting and stopped my physical activities because maybe if I had kept working on it and not taken a step back and evaluated my situation that maybe something worse would have happened. I know everything happens for a reason and I'm not worried at all. I am on crutches just so I am keeping the pressure off of my right knee but I take it as a new adventure and I welcome this new challenge.

     My district is 7- going to Osorno, Chile and the other 4- Guatemala. The ones going to Osorno are... Elder Munns, Elder Sharp, Elder Carlisle, Me, Elder Dolinar, Elder Parsons, and Elder Solomon. The first three before me are in my room. Elder Munns is from Rexburg ID, Elder Sharp is from Heber, and Elder Carlisle is from Cache Valley, Elder Parsons is from Oregon, Elder Dolinar is from Pleasant Grove, and Elder Solomon is from Queen Creek, AZ.

     The Guatemalans are Elder Perry from Layton UT, Elder Wangeman from Lindon UT, Elder Collins from Modesto CA, and Elder Linford from Glendora. That is my district and from my zone that is all who is going to Osorno Chile. The zone is all older missionaries and they will all leave in a few weeks and then it will be my district and the new district that will be the old top dogs.

     I see Elder Stewart quite frequently and most unfortunately it has been mostly at the doctor. He has a really sore throat and doesn't like the food at all. But he is doing great! Elder Cottrell is doing very well and I see him a bunch too. Elder Stewart is the first batch of 18 year olds that were admitted into the MTC. That's pretty cool! 

     I went and talked with the President of the MTC (actually a very hard guy to get a hold of, I mean he's only in charge of 4,000 missionaries) and I went on my own will just to talk with him and share the experience that I had and to talk about my knee. I talked with him and had a very wonderful conversation with him on gospel doctrine and medical stuff. He is a very awesome guy. I will be able to call you if I end up having the surgery. I will say it again. Yes I will get to call you so if a random number calls you, please answer haha.

     I wrote you all personal letters and you should be getting them soon and I hope you got my Christmas present! :) I hope you will use it at church, seminary, and the soon mission field ;) I love you all so much and hope that you know that I am your missionary and will RWH. Return With Honor.

    I love you and will talk with you soon. Be safe and Remember that I love you all!
         Elder York

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2012

(We were excited to get a bonus email from Alex - especially on Christmas.)

Merry Christmas!
     I hope that all of you are having a wonderful day and remebering why we really have Christmas. Always look to the Savior and remember that not only are you children of God but that everyone is children of our Loving Heavenly Father. I get a short amount of time to email you today and tell you how excited I am to serve a mission.

     Today Russell M. Nelson came and spoke. He is a spiritual giant and I was on the 3rd row! While we were sitting there I smiled at him and he smiled back and winked!! Life complete haha. I was so lucky to be there early enough and to be that close that I feel the Spirit coming off of him! One thing that he said that he wants all of us to know is that there is no such China mission opening. He said that it is a lie and Satan is stirring the hearts of men. He is in charge of all missionaries, travel and mtc presidents. I think he might know what he is talking about. So if someone says that the mission in China is opening you tell them that Elder York was 10 feet away from an Apostle of God who said that there is no China mission opening. I know that before I left there were a lot of people who were excited about the China mission but there is no China mission opening so please don't spread any of the rumors. Don't argue with people about it but let the truth be known. He said we need to refute and to deny and not spread any rumors in the church. That is one of Satans biggest tools.

     Thank you all for the letters I have been getting! I haven't recieved a letter since last thursday because of how busy everything is. Dear Elder works great but if it is a written letter sent through the post office it gets here easier. I like both of them and really thank you all. I will be sending you all a Christmas present hopefully tomorrow if the post office isn't slammed.

    The Spanish language is very simple but tough to master. I guess that on Saturday night I was talking in my sleep in Spanish. Well I guess my brain knows the Spanish but the Lord hasn't unlocked my mouth yet. I am working very dilligently every day to learn the language and pray for the gift of tongues daily.

    Tell everyone in the family that I said Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas for the young ones. I miss everyone and well on the brightside... I only have one more Christmas left in the mission before I'm home. I have run into everyone here at the MTC that is from Tooele and Stansbury. We are going to be planning a picture sometime soon. Josh and Tell are doing great. Josh was having a hard time but I challenged him to read el Libro de Mormon while he was here and he said he is doing so much better now.
     My right knee has been really bugging me and has been a little sore. I'm going into the doctor tomorrow morning to have him look at it. It's here on the campus and it's free. I don't remember doing anything it's just a pain when I walk and going up stairs. I've been taking ibuprofen and being very careful and not overdoing it at gym. I'm doing everything I can for it to get better and I know that Lord takes care of his missionaries so I don't even worry. So neither should you. (Sean and Maddie) Whenever I point my foot in plantar i feel a small pain and whenever I turn my foot right or left pointed in the air my knee hurts. Just some fun facts for you medical students.

    I will email you more on Thursday for my P day so if you will email me by Wednesday night and ask as many questions as you want i'll answer any of them. It was weird not having Christmas with the people I love but I realized that when you know the true meaning of Christmas it doesn't matter where you are, who you are with, or what you are doing. All that matters is that you center your Christmas around Christ. If you will do that you will have the best Christmas ever.

     Well my time has come to go so I will talk to all of you Thursday! I love you all with all my heart and I know why I am out here. Don't expect to see me until my two years is up. Love you!

             Elder York

Week 2 in the MTC

December 20, 2012

Hey Yorkclan!! 

It's my second P-day and I hope you know that you can email me haha. Please forward this to both sides of the family and family friends who would like to hear from me

I am loving life in the MTC and only have 7 weeks until I fly to Chile! I know it's only been 2 weeks but for me it feels like I have been gone for two months! I hope that all is well back home and I think about all of my family and friends all the time. I am not letting anything get in the way of me serving this mission! It has been very tough but now that I have made it this far it's all downhill from here and I don't miss home as much as I did before. I know what I am doing and more importantly why I am doing it. I am serving a mission so that I can go and find my very close friends and brothers and sisters in Chile so that they may live with their families forever just like I can live with my family forever. 

Last week there was a rack in the laundry room that said free as is and i found an exact match suit coat to mine so now I have two! I'm pretty excited and thought I'd share that. 

This week has been pretty bland but very spiritual. Every Tuesday we have a devotional and every time I go It is just so awesome and I learn so much. This next Tuesday, (Christmas day) We will be having a very special guest... Our Branch President said that he thinks it is one of the "Big 3". You never know I may get to meet the prophet because I do have the luckiest luck ever ha! That would be incredible.

Elder Collins just got his MRI result back and he tore his ACL, fractured his patella, and tore 3 major ligaments in his knee. Sean and Maddie learn about that and tell Mr. Spencer that. All of that just from playing basketball ha. You can never be too careful. My knee has been really hurting too... Just kidding it's just a bruise and sore I'm sure haha. 

Thank you so much Grandma York for the shirt! I am wearing it right now and I love it. "Celestial York Bound"

To my favorite aunt.... I bet every single one of you thought I was writing just to you ;) I hope you know that I am so grateful for your love and prayers. One of the greatest things that has been good for me so far is scouting. I have used so much of my knowledge here that I received from scouts. GET YOUR BOYS IN SCOUTS AND MAKE SURE THEY GET THEIR EAGLE! Ha it is one of the Greatest blessings I have recognized so far. 

I am so grateful for my family. Mom thank you so much for the package that you sent me... My companions and I are so so grateful for everything. I haven't seen Josh or Tell yet.. I see Cole at least twice daily and will get them their treats. Dad I would like it if you would write me a letter or email with some of your MTC experiences if you wouldn't mind. I actually would like any MTC experiences from anyone. Sam Clegg, Jeremy Brown... ETC. It would greatly help me. Sean I want to know how you are doing and what you are doing to improve your game. Keep me posted buddy! Maddie thank you for everything that you write me. I am so grateful for your example. Well York family I love ya and will write you soon! 

        Elder York

Week 1 in the MTC

December 13, 2012

Hola York familia!! 

First off.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I really wish I would have been there but yeah.. I love you Mom!! I am loving it here and I wish you all could experience this with me and enjoy everything that I am experiencing. I hope that everything is going well for you all and I wish I could be there but I know it is the right decision to be here. The Spanish is coming along very well now and it is crazy the experiences that I am having. I was having a hard time at first but I asked Branch President Wing for a blessing and now I am doing fantastic! I can't express enough how much I love it here. I have seen every friend I have that is here. Cole Cottrell, Luke Jones, Tre Behunin, Jessica Crane (Josh's sister), and so many others who I can't remember right now ha. I hope you all are doing well and making the most of this experience as I am.

       Sean: I sent you a letter and you should be getting it soon.
       Maddie: (Favorito Hermana) I also sent you one.

One thing I would really like is if you would sign in on my facebook and post a status saying.. "Elder York wants to hear from all of his friends so write him a letter" and put my address if you would.
The MTC is truly one of the greatest places in the world! Everyone is just so nice and friendly. I have made a ton of friends already and am still making more daily.

My companion's name is Elder Carlisle. He is the oldest of 5 and his entire family is LDS. He is also the guinea pig of the family. He is a redhead like Tell and is from Cache Valley. He is very cool and I love him! I share a room with Elder Munns and Elder Sharp as well. I love my district so much and my zone. They are so fantastic. Well as you noticed.... I love everything about the mission. The more positive attitude the more positive results.

I have a couple of things I would like you to send me if you would (MOM)
1. A small Christmas tree please?? :) I would love it as would my companions.
2. 2 packs of those red, blue and black sharpie pens you bought before. They are at walmart
3. Last but not least... My Boots. The new ones. I will need them for some service projects and they
said I will need some in Chile. I know you don't want me to but you just have to trust me. I love you! :)

Dad: The second counselor in my branch presidency is Brandon Doman's brother!! He doesn't think
he'll have a job much longer...  hahaha. My Spanish teacher Hermano Woodhouse, is engaged to ANDY REID's daughter!!! How cool is that!! I thought you might like that.

Yo se que Jesucristo es el salvador y El Libro de Mormon es verdadero. Yo se que las escrituras es son inspirado. Este conocimiento me superar desafios. En el Nombre de Jesucristo, amen.
(The translation is in Sean's letter.)

I love all of you and I miss you so much. I pray for you daily and know that you will be blessed!
"It has my name on it, the Savior's name on it, and I wear it across my heart"

        Elder York

Sunday, January 20, 2013

December 5, 2012 - First Day in the MTC

We got our first letter on Saturday after we dropped him off. Here's part of doesn't surprise us how much fun he's having...that's so Alex.

I am safe and having a blast here in the MTC. I know that it is tough to see me off but it will bring you many blessings. My P-day is on Thursdays but I don't get one until next week. So it will be a couple of days until you would hear from me so I thought I would write and tell you that I love you and miss you guys....

The MTC Drop Off

December 5, 2012

It's everything everyone said it would be, but worse because it was us going through it. It's like a band-aid, just rip it off -- fast! Two and a half's not a long time...pull slot number 2? Really? Couldn't we have number 42? Robert takes his time getting the luggage out so Madeline and I can have extra time to hug and cry our hearts out. One big group hug and next thing we know, he's walking down the sidewalk with the very patient elder who was helping him. Climb back into the car and get the kleenex out. The ride home was very quiet.

That was hard. I don't know why because it's what we've wanted for him his whole life (to go serve the Lord and change people's lives and become a better person in the process). It's what he's wanted for himself, so why is it so hard? Probably because he's the first. Our first child, the first grandchild on both sides, he's the guinea pig. Frankly I don't think it will be any easier when Sean goes or Madeline for that matter. It's one of those things parents have to go through to learn how to let go.

This may be the last time they see each other for four years.
This young lady will probably write Elder York more than any of us! 
Our very last family picture.

There are no words to express the emotion in this picture.

Adios, Elder York!

We'll see you in two!

Saying Adios to Elder York

Alex's (farewell) talk was November 25, 2012. He has a strong testimony and will be a dynamic missionary. He (along with Madeline's piano solo) had those of us up front crying. It was a whirlwind last few weeks getting him ready to go. We had family pictures taken during Thanksgiving weekend. Sean finally had his Eagle Board of Review. Alex was able to go to some of both Sean and Madeline's basketball games before he left. He was trying to fit so much into his days with family and friends. He packed his suitcase in the morning and was set apart as an Elder on December 4, 2012, right after Madeline's basketball game. We spent the evening with family and friends saying their goodbyes.

These kids are going to change so much in the next two years!
The York Clan - that is all but our Arizona York's!

Our three Eagle Scouts

We had to have a picture of our Eagle Scout boys.
This was taken the night before Alex left just before midnight.
 I taped Sean's Eagle patch on for the picture! (another use for duct tape!)

Getting Ready

He got his call in July...he wasn't leaving until December and wasn't coming home from Alaska until October. We did the waiting game. We researched Chile...climate, food, culture, etc. His mission is the largest mission in Chile (about 1,000 miles long and on average 100 miles wide), so the climate can be cold on one end and warmer up north. The seasons are opposite of ours. When it's winter here, it's summer there. It rains...a lot! Even in the summer. In the winter especially, it rains sideways. We learned a lot about Chile, but still had to wait for him to come home to start buying things. There's a lot to buy for a mission...white shirts, ties, suit(s), pants, shoes, boots, coats, backpack, rain pants, luggage, plus everything else he might need for two years. He bought all that himself.

These two young ladies were so excited to see their brothers!

Home from Alaska...Cole & to get them ready for their missions!

The family at the Bountiful LDS Temple
Alex with his Grandma & Grandpa York

The Mission Call

June 9, 2012

Alex and his friend Cole Cottrell flew to Alaska to work for the summer. This was the beginning. The beginning of  'our lives will never be the same' as his dad put it. So exciting for them. They flew to Ketchikan, AK to work at Clover Pass Resort for four months.

Before they left, we got their papers all ready to put in. On July 5, 2012, the stake president sent their mission papers to the Church headquarters. It only took two weeks for his call to come. Two weeks to the day. Weird because I hadn't heard of a call coming on a Thursday...I thought they always come on Wednesdays, so we weren't expecting it. We had friends and relatives guess where he was going - guesses all over the world. I mailed it up to Ketchikan and he opened it on Sunday, July 22nd. We watched him via Skype open his call........

The Mission Call
Dear Elder York,

You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Chile Osorno Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 24 months.

You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wednesday, December 5, 2012. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language.

Wow! Chile Osorno - the most southern mission in the world. Down with the penguins, lots of rain, snow and cold. I guess Alaska helped prepare him.

The webcam at work just after he received his call.

The Chile Osorno Mission goes from Valdivia all the way down to Cape Horn.
All the guesses. His mom and his Aunt Julie both guessed Chile!

Cole got his mission call one week later...sent it up to AK and opened it via Skype also. Elder Cole Cottrell will be serving in the Russia Rostov-na-Donu Mission leaving November 14, 2012. The Winter Olympics will be in his mission in 2014 - while he's still there. So cool.

They will both be awesome missionaries!

This was part of their missionary, work and more work!!!